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Joe Wils

Originally known as Joseph Williams and widely recognized as Joe Williams, I’ve recently streamlined to Joe Wills—trimming down from five syllables to just two, just as I streamline complex SEO strategies. This renaming marks my shift from Tribe SEO to a more personalized brand at Joe Wills, showcasing a streamlined and direct approach.

Journey in SEO

I began my journey in the SEO world in 2006, the same year I secured the @joewills YouTube handle, which I’m excited to finally launch soon. Back then, SEO was like navigating a puzzle—always more questions than answers. Today, it can still feel puzzling, and that’s exactly why I’m committed to demystifying SEO, making it transparent and accessible for everyone.

SEO Courses

After a few years working in SEO agencies, I founded an SEO training company called Zen Optimise, where I trained thousands in SEO through face-to-face courses in and around London. My work was featured in Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, and the BBC, along with numerous SEO-focused publications.

After ten years in London, I moved back to Wales and Zen Optimise became Tribe SEO with a focus on offering online SEO courses.

Digital Marketing Institute

Since 2016, I’ve served as a subject matter expert in SEO for the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), a global leader in SEO and digital marketing education. You can check out a range of my contributions on my DMI profile page. Additionally, I’ve had the pleasure of delivering content for their flagship Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

In-Depth SEO Audits

More recently, I became Head of Audits at SEO Audit IO, where I specialize in delivering premium, in-depth SEO audits. This role keeps my SEO skills sharp and current, as the audits not only pinpoint when and why traffic drops occur but also provide strategic action plans to address these setbacks and capitalize on newfound opportunities.

Joe Wills

In June 2024, I launched joewills.com to share my experience in SEO training through face-to-face and online courses. My goal is to offer free course-style content and build a comprehensive library of SEO resources to rival the best in the industry.

For those wishing to fast-track their SEO progress, I’m on a mission to build the ultimate SEO operating system through paid Notion-style SEO templates that complement the free content offered on the site.

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